Immolation - World Agony

Immolation - World Agony
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Клип на песню: Immolation - World Agony (Clip)

Текст песни: Immolation - World Agony (Text, Lyrics)

War on our hands, war on our minds
Beat on the drums, beaten our hopes
Nothing is left, nothing is gained
Angry at one, angry at all
World in Agony, World in pain
World in Anger, World of shame
The error of man, the error of faith
Shaping tomorrow, destroying today
Nothing ahead, nothing to be
Anger is one, anger is all
World in Agony, World in pain
World in Anger, Word insane
Cursing ourselves, causing our death
Abusing the earth, it’s coming apart
Can we undo, what we have done
Before we undo, what we become
The earth is bitter
The earth is black
What have we done
There’s no going back