Immolation - Hate's Plague

Immolation - Hate's Plague
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  • Длительность: 02:50
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Клип на песню: Immolation - Hate's Plague (Clip)

Текст песни: Immolation - Hate's Plague (Text, Lyrics)

Rise and take shape through fear
Twisting the sword of hate
Bringing the bloodshed it so desires
While leading us into the dark
A cancer, a scourge, a plague
Using the world as it's host
Unnoticed, it grows and festers
Its malevolence will go unchallenged
Casting night on God's domain
Haunting presence that shadows life
Exhaling death without grace
Burning chaos on the promise land
Raging through the good of man
Tearing our souls at every end
Vengeful, furious, unstoppable force
Determined to makes its stand