Edge of Sanity - Crimson, Pt. 2

Edge of Sanity - Crimson, Pt. 2
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Клип на песню: Edge of Sanity - Crimson, Pt. 2 (Clip)

Текст песни: Edge of Sanity - Crimson, Pt. 2 (Text, Lyrics)

Anger and hate.
Fear and despair fills up his mind.
In search for answers he can't find.
What god would end a life so pure.
She was the one worth dying for.
Alone with princess angel-sent.
Her eyes so blue, my hate relents.
Her destiny is in my hands.
She was born to rule these desert lands.
A sacrifice. A life arises, when one love has come, another dies.
I let her go and I do not know where to find her soul so alone.
Oh, does she hold the power, is she a blessing from the skies?
Is this the answer to where the secret lies.
And in her eyes I see a light is shining through.
I feel that there is hope for a world so brave and new.
Many seasons have changed and the king is old and weak.
The princess has come of age, but still the gift of life they seek.
In the chambers of crimson sleep.
In this vault of souls to reap.
The future lies in the hands of the shrewd or the earth will die in solitude.
The darkest night the enchanted skies were united in a storm.
Unholiness and all that's unblessed appeared in another form.
Like a raging plague all across the land all women gave birth to man.
Raped by the wind and forced to bring life to the hundred bastard sons.
The unholy ones will give strength for all evil to live and the fires of death burn high.
The time has come for the king to die.